Ship Supply Turkey

Ship Supply Service The unique geographical location of our country on world sea routes causes the commercial vessels, which are expressed in hundreds of thousands, to make use of our land waters in some way. At the same time, the Ports and Port services that it owns stand out as the most reliable and qualified services of the region. Ship Supply provides services that provide all the materials required by the ships during international operations. The fact that ships stay away from the land for long periods of time during their journey makes it necessary to supply all their needs from time to time and from the safe ports. In addition, special products for various emergencies may be needed.Hermes Bosphorus has been created in order to fulfill all the needs of vessels and cruise ships, providing them full ship supplies. Ever since establishment, we have been preferred by our clients since our vision has been the creation of a powerful and integrated supplying service in which we have been focused finding and keeping in stock a large variety of high quality products. We currently hold market leading position as high quality product supplier to cruise, passenger, and cargo vessels.

Ship Supply

Ship supply and provision companies, which meet the material needs of ships such as food, maintenance-repair, cabins, machinery and spare parts, play an important role in maritime trade and maritime logistics. Ship supply companies also contribute greatly to the country's economy with the intense employment and added value they provide. The supply and provisions sector also supports the development of the sub-industry and spare parts manufacturers with the variety of services it provides to ships. Turkey is at the center of world trade with its strategic geopolitical location, surrounded by the sea on three sides, its numerous ports, its proximity to trade routes and its two Straits. To the extent that the Bosphorus and Dardanelles Straits, through which more than 50 thousand ships pass annually, strengthen their role as a supply center, the companies that supply equipment and provisions to these ships also provide export and foreign exchange income to the country.

Ship Supplier Sector

A large part of international trade in our country, as in the rest of the world, is carried out by sea because it is environmentally friendly, low-cost and safe. The 'Ship supply sector', also defined as 'Provisioning', whose importance is obvious, is a sector that really requires special regulations and attention, considering its application area, trade volume and international maritime law.

Major services provided to ships by suppliers;

  • - Providing products including fresh vegetables-fruits and food products, frozen food, dry food and canned products, cooker and cabin products, cleaning materials, flags, pennants and nautical publications, security, safety and navigation equipment, technical materials and machine spare parts.
  • - Technical maintenance and repair of ships, drydocking and survey services, inspection and certification of safety and fire extinguishing equipment, supply of fresh water, fuel, chemical materials and paint, gas filling services, garbage and waste collection services, warehouse cleaning services, hull cleaning, Providing services such as pest control service,
  • - Repairing the deficiencies on the ship by making repairs on the ship or on land, main and auxiliary machinery repair, spare parts production,
  • - Supply of ship anchors and chains, supply and certification of steel ropes, polyester & polypropylene ropes and equipping the ship with relevant accessories.

TURSSA-Ship Suppliers Association, which is a Board Member of ISSA (International Ship Suppliers Association & Services), an international association established by leading ship supply companies and of which ship suppliers around the world are members, aims to make the future of the sector more efficient, high-quality and with other neighbors. It has been carrying out intensive activities since 2003 in order to make it competitive with other countries.